1 leaving.
ganar por abandono (sport) to win by default
abandono de hogar (law) desertion (of family, spouse)
2 state of abandon (descuido) (de aspecto, jardín).
3 abandonment, desolation, abandoning, desertion.
4 personal carelessness, neglect, abandonment, carelessness.
5 departure.
6 renunciation.
7 complete surrender.
1st person singular (yo) present indicative of spanish verb: abandonar.
* * *
nombre masculino
1 (acción) abandoning, desertion
2 (idea, actividad) giving up
3 (descuido) neglect, lack of care
4 (dejadez) apathy, carelessness
5 DEPORTE withdrawal
ganaron por abandono they won by default
6 MARÍTIMO abandonment
en estado de abandono in an abandoned state
* * *
noun m.
1) abandonment
2) neglect
3) withdrawal, resignation
* * *
1) (=acción)
a) [de lugar]

ordenaron el abandono de la isla — they ordered people to abandon o leave the island

el abandono de la zona por las tropas de ocupación — the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the region

b) [de actividad, proyecto] abandonment

votaron a favor del abandono del leninismo — they voted in favour of renouncing Leninism, they voted for the abandonment of Leninism

ofrecen ayudas a los agricultores para el abandono de la producción — they are offering aid to farmers to cease production

mi abandono del cargo se debió a problemas internos — I gave up the post because of internal problems

c) (Jur) [de cónyuge] desertion; [de hijos] abandonment

en caso de abandono de uno de los cónyuges — in the event of the desertion of either partner

abandono de deberes — dereliction of duty

abandono de la escuela — = abandono escolar

abandono del domicilio conyugal, abandono del hogar — desertion

abandono de tierras — land set aside, set-aside

abandono escolar — leaving school ( before school-leaving age )

problemas causados por el abandono escolar — problems caused by students leaving school early

2) (Dep) [antes de la prueba] withdrawal; [durante la prueba] retirement; (Ajedrez) resignation

ganar por abandono — to win by default ( thanks to an opponent's withdrawal )

3) (=descuido) neglect, abandon frm

la iglesia se encontraba en un terrible estado de abandono — the church was in a terrible state of neglect o abandon frm

es lamentable el abandono que sufre la sanidad pública desde hace años — it's dreadful how public health has been so neglected for years

darse al abandono — to go downhill

4) (=vicio) indulgence

llevaba una vida de excesos y abandono — she led a life of excess and indulgence

viven en el mayor abandono — they live in utter degradation

5) (=soledad) desolation

me invadió una sensación de abandono — I was overcome by a feeling of desolation

el pueblo presentaba un aspecto de abandono — the town had a forlorn look about it

6) Méx (=ligereza) abandon, ease
* * *
a) (frml) (de un lugar)

hicieron abandono del recinto — they vacated the premises

el capitán ordenó el abandono del barco — the captain gave the order to abandon ship

b) (de una persona) abandonment
2) (Dep) (antes de la carrera, competición) withdrawal; (iniciada la carrera, competición) retirement; (en ajedrez) resignation
3) (descuido, desatención) neglect

estado de abandono — state of neglect

la dejó en el más completo abandono — he left her utterly destitute

* * *
a) (frml) (de un lugar)

hicieron abandono del recinto — they vacated the premises

el capitán ordenó el abandono del barco — the captain gave the order to abandon ship

b) (de una persona) abandonment
2) (Dep) (antes de la carrera, competición) withdrawal; (iniciada la carrera, competición) retirement; (en ajedrez) resignation
3) (descuido, desatención) neglect

estado de abandono — state of neglect

la dejó en el más completo abandono — he left her utterly destitute

* * *
1 = abandonment, betrayal, desertion, surrender, shift away from, drop-off, move away from, defection, pullout, disuse.

Ex: Practical considerations led to the abandonment of this idea.

Ex: The author explores the major themes of the novel: self-identity; love; and betrayal.
Ex: The author also covers the electronic book and the desertion of libraries by researchers in favour of other information sources = El autor también habla del libro electrónico y del abandono de las bibliotecas por parte de los investigadores en favor de otras fuentes de información.
Ex: This would require central funding, an appropriate communications infrastructure and the surrender by universities of their autonomy over their local libraries.
Ex: This article discusses the effects of changes in the economy on the distribution of work in libraries which indicate a shift away from its female origins.
Ex: There is a subsidy mechanism that lowers rates in order to avoid drop-offs from the network.
Ex: This is a radical move away from the accepted principle of using the actual item as the primary source of cataloguing data.
Ex: The longer the project is likely to last, the more important it is to be sure that it is designed to cope with factors such as defection of one of the partners.
Ex: NATO is 'disappointed' at Russian pullout from arms treaty.
Ex: After a period of disuse at the beginning of the nineteenth century, Caslon roman was revived, and has been available ever since from Caslon's successors.
* abandono de = flight from.
* índice de abandono escolar = dropout rate.
* tasa de abandono escolar = dropout rate.

2 = neglect, dereliction, negligence, neglection, abandon, dilapidation, lassitude.

Ex: Left hand truncation, which involves the neglect of prefixes or the elimination of characters from the beginning of a word, is also possible in many systems.

Ex: The energy crisis & the environmental crisis are rooted not in a stony ground of technological intractability, but in irresponsibility & dereliction.
Ex: Damage of library materials is often caused by carelessness and negligence.
Ex: After decades of neglection, nowadays there is an effort to bring these houses back to their original glory.
Ex: The article 'Enlightenment and lubricity' examines paintings depicting women reading and responding with sensual abandon to the word.
Ex: If Central Park is to be rescued from the general dilapidation it is much money and energy intelligently directed must be expended.
Ex: His lassitude does not appear to emanate from laziness, but rather from the stirrings of nihilistic restlessness.
* abandono de menores = child neglect.
* en el abandono = in the wilderness.
* en estado de abandono = decaying, dilapidated.
* estado de abandono = state of neglect.

* * *
1 (frml)
(de un lugar): la policía ordenó el abandono del recinto the police ordered everyone to leave o vacate the premises
el capitán ordenó el abandono del barco the captain gave the order to abandon ship
2 (de una persona) abandonment
abandono escolar
noncompletion, dropping out
abandono del hogar
abandono del trabajo
abandonment of employment
B (Dep)
1 (antes de iniciarse la carrera, competición) withdrawal
(una vez iniciada la carrera, competición): el abandono de Garrido se produjo en la quinta vuelta Garrido pulled out o retired on the fifth lap, Garrido's retirement came on the fifth lap
el abandono del campeón se produjo en la jugada número 30 the champion's resignation came o the champion resigned on move 30
(descuido, desatención): el edificio se halla en un lamentable estado de abandono the building is in a sorry state of neglect
da lástima ver el abandono en que se encuentran estos jardines it's terrible to see how overrun o overgrown these gardens have become, it's terrible to see how these gardens have been allowed to fall into neglect
dejó a su familia en el más completo abandono he left his family utterly destitute
la ropa que lleva da una imagen de abandono the clothes he wears make him look slovenly o scruffy
* * *

Del verbo abandonar: (conjugate abandonar)

abandono es:

1ª persona singular (yo) presente indicativo

abandonó es:

3ª persona singular (él/ella/usted) pretérito indicativo

Multiple Entries:
abandonar (conjugate abandonar) verbo transitivo
a) (frml) ‹lugarto leave

b)familia/bebéto leave, abandon;

marido/amanteto leave;
coche/barcoto abandon;
los abandonó a su suerte he abandoned them to their fate

2 [fuerzas] to desert
a)actividad/propósito/esperanzato give up;

abandono los estudios to drop out of school/college

b) (Dep) ‹carrera/partidoto retire from, pull out of

verbo intransitivo (Dep)
a) (en carrera, competición) to pull out

b) (en ajedrez) to resign;

(en boxeo, lucha) to concede defeat
abandonarse verbo pronominal
1 (entregarse) abandonose a algo ‹a vicios/placeres› to abandon oneself to sth
2 (en el aspecto personal) to let oneself go
abandono sustantivo masculino
1 (de una persona) abandonment;
abandono del hogar desertion

2 (Dep) (antes de la carrera, competición) withdrawal;
(iniciada la carrera, competición) retirement;
(en ajedrez) resignation
3 (descuido, desatención) neglect
I verbo transitivo
1 (irse de) to leave, quit: tenemos que vernos hoy, porque mañana abandono Madrid, we've got to see eachother today because I'm leaving Madrid tomorrow
2 (a una persona, a un animal) to abandon
abandonar a alguien a su suerte, to leave someone to his fate
3 (un proyecto, los estudios) to give up
4 Dep (retirarse de una carrera) to drop out of
(un deporte) to drop
II vi (desfallecer) to give up: los resultados no son los esperados, pero no abandones, the results aren't as good as we expected, but don't give up
abandono sustantivo masculino
1 (marcha de un lugar) abandoning, desertion
2 (de proyecto, idea) giving up
3 (de aseo) neglect
4 (despreocupación) carelessness
'abandono' also found in these entries:
- docencia
- entrega
- olvido
- pudrir
- recinto
- renuncia
- climb down
- desertion
- drop out
- dump
- intimidate
- leave
- neglect
- self-neglect
- need
- walk
- withdrawal
* * *
abandono nm
1. [descuido] [de aspecto, jardín] state of abandon;
[de estudios, obligaciones] neglect;
la iglesia se encontraba en estado de abandono the church was derelict
2. [de lugar]
los bomberos ordenaron el abandono del edificio the firemen instructed everyone to leave the building, the firemen had the building evacuated;
el abandono de su puesto le costó un arresto al soldado the soldier was placed in confinement for abandoning his post
3. [de hijo, proyecto] abandonment;
el abandono de animales se incrementa tras las Navidades there is a rise in the number of animals abandoned after Christmas;
el movimiento defiende el abandono de la energía nuclear the movement is in favour of abolishing the use of nuclear energy;
han anunciado el abandono de la violencia they have announced that they are going to give up violence;
su desilusión lo llevó al abandono de la profesión he was so disillusioned that he left the profession
Der abandono de hogar desertion [of family, spouse]; UE abandono de tierras:
el gobierno está fomentando el abandono de tierras the government is promoting land set-aside
4. [entrega] abandon, abandonment;
se entregó con abandono a su amante she gave herself with abandon to her lover
5. [de competición, carrera] withdrawal;
el abandono se produjo en el kilómetro 10 he pulled out after 10 kilometres;
ganar por abandono to win by default
* * *
1 abandonment;
abandono del domicilio conyugal desertion;
abandono de la energía nuclear abandonment of nuclear power
2 DEP de carrera retirement
en un estado de abandono in a state of neglect
* * *
abandono nm
1) : abandonment
2) : neglect
3) : withdrawal
ganar por abandono: to win by default

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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